April 18, 2023

GoBolt Partners with WARP to Increase the Strength and Visibility of their Middle-Mile Offerings

(LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2023) WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, today announced that they are now providing GoBolt, a technology company on a mission to build the world’s largest sustainable, vertically integrated supply chain network, with their DirecTrack technology. GoBolt’s merchants, which include world-class eCommerce retailers and brands across Canada and the U.S., will now gain better visibility into their freight as it travels the middle mile for store replenishment, inventory transfers, and injection into carrier networks - including across borders. 

Known for its electric vehicle fleet, GoBolt currently has a network of fulfillment centers across the U.S. and Canada. With WARP’s technology, GoBolt merchants will be able to track inventory moving throughout GoBolt’s network in real-time allowing them to see exactly where their freight is along the expected route. In return, GoBolt can provide merchants with brick-and-mortar locations better visibility including exactly where their product is at any given time. With more up-to-date information on where their stock is throughout the network, brands can make more informed decisions about when to reorder products, how much stock to hold, along with when and where to replenish inventory. 

“At WARP we’re not only working to link the whole supply chain together, we’re also working to do that sustainably and GoBolt was a natural partner in this mission,” said Troy Lester, CRO and Co-Founder at WARP. “We’re currently piloting an emissions calculator on our platform in partnership with GoBolt, so customers can see just how much their journey produces in terms of emissions as well as ways to offset them.”

Together, WARP and GoBolt aim to provide shippers with visibility at not only a pallet or truck level, but on individual parcels as well. This means that when products are being transported from GoBolt’s fulfillment centers to other last-mile delivery partners, merchants will gain access to status events including the first parcel scan as well as injection time. 

"Typically, the middle mile is a blind spot for 3PLs and that was our experience until we partnered with WARP,” said Jarrett Stewart, SVP, Commercial at GoBolt. “Since shifting the bulk of our mid-mile volume to WARP, we've seen improvements with our internal operations, our estimated delivery times, and gained visibility into the real-time location of freight that we can pass on to our merchants. Logistics can be complicated, but our goal has always been to make it as simple as possible for the brands and retailers that choose to work with us – our partnership with WARP directly supports that." 

About WARP

WARP is a modern freight network bringing peace of mind to shippers founded by entrepreneurs Daniel Sokolovsky and Troy Lester. With its heterogeneous fleet of 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans, WARP offers customers the right vehicle for every load based on their speed, price, and service preferences. By pairing proprietary tech with a broad network of carriers and cross-docks, WARP automatically optimizes middle-mile routes through a single integrated platform, giving shippers unparalleled visibility of their loads. Whether it's a direct store delivery, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, or linehaul injection into last mile carriers, WARP customers receive real-time tracking and status updates along with dedicated support every step of the way.

About GoBolt

Founded in 2017, GoBolt is a technology company building the first sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network that partners with merchants to deliver a complete end-to-end customer experience. By operating as an extension of each merchant’s team, GoBolt provides reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery. With a growing network of warehouses across North America and a suite of proprietary apps designed and supported by an in-house engineering team, GoBolt unlocks enhanced transparency and control for merchants. The company’s focus on customer-centricity is further driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. GoBolt’s investment in its electric vehicle fleet and sustainability partnerships is a testament to the company’s mission to provide carbon-neutral deliveries. For more information, visit GoBolt.com.

Jeff Lerner

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