Perishable Delivery

Shipping Perishable Goods Can Be A Challenge

Here at W/:\RP, we work our shipping magic in a number of ways, but one of our favorites is making sure our client’s perishable products get to their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, with zero damage or waste from spoilage.

Shipping refrigerated or frozen products to grocery distribution centers has historically been one of the toughest aspects of supply chain management for many brands, especially when shipping LTL-level quantities. Why?
- After hours/overnight receivers
- Strict appointment guidelines (and harsh penalties to boot)
- Specific mode/carrier requirements between distributors (and even
   between different warehouses for the same distributor)

Are all Perishable Goods Treated Equally?

No. Depending on the products that are being shipped, WARP builds customized solutions to ensure that proper temperatures are maintained - both on the truck and in the warehouse or cross-dock.

What are the different kinds of temperature control W/:\RP offers?
Refrigerated: 34-65 degree produce. 28 degree fresh meat and seafood
- Frozen: -20 – 0 meat and seafood. Frozen CPG products. Frozen, raw, pet food
- Freeze Protect: 65 degree + live plants

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Grocery Store / Warehouse Delivery

What that means for brands, especially newer ones, is they become pigeonholed into moving to FOB pickups from UNFI, KeHe, DPI, McLane, DOT, etc.

For many brands that means:

Little to no visibility in where POs are in the chain or within internal line-hauls
Rate hikes based on weight/volumetric, not market rates
Dozens of different trucks showing up daily

How WARP Solved The Challenge:

Through our proprietary routing algorithm and nationwide network of carriers and cross-docks, we were able to:
- Reduce dock congestion
- Reduce total cost to serve into grocery distributors
- Offer PO level cost to better equip finance teams to assess contribution margin and CPU

Refrigerated Goods?
No Problem!

With W/:\RP's temperature-controlled logistics for store deliveries, your refrigerated goods stay fresh throughout transit. Our solution includes temperature-controlled cross-docks, cutting down on packaging waste and ensuring fresher products. Say goodbye to spoilage and hello to cost savings!