April 18, 2023

WARP and Davinci Micro Fulfillment Partner to Enable Country-Wide, Two-Day Shipping for Customers and Enhanced Inventory Management

LOS ANGELES, CA – WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, announced today they’ve partnered with Davinci Micro Fulfillment, a leading micro fulfillment as a service company backed by technology and physical locations, to provide their customers with country-wide next day and two-day shipping through enhanced inventory management including better middle-mile visibility for carrier injections and warehouse to-warehouse transfers. 

Davinci’s suite of technology backed by machine learning and AI includes micro fulfillment, front-end merchandising, and network optimization that ultimately provides an Amazon-level experience for brands and their customers. But, prior to partnering with WARP, Davinci had to rely on national carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS and was subject to their volume minimums and schedules. WARP stepped in to provide two additional pieces to the puzzle, middle-mile optimization and visibility in order to reach an extended network of regional and local carriers. With these two pieces, Davinci’s customers can how receive faster and more cost-efficient shipping options. Both WARP and Davinci’s customers will benefit from physical consolidation solutions powered by WARP, thus lowering the cost of transportation for all parties involved. 

“WARP’s operational execution is second to none,” said Corey Aprian, Davinci Micro Fulfillment CEO. “Not only is their customer operations side phenomenal, but their pick-up and on-time delivery rates are also off the charts. Our ability to sign additional brands has increased exponentially because of the lower cost of delivery that the new network provides. We’ve had a 25-30% decrease in total operating costs in all of our fulfillment centers with the new infrastructure provided by WARP.” 

Using their DirecTrack technology, WARP provides Davinci’s shippers with visibility on not only a pallet or truck level but individual parcels as well. This means that products being transported from Davinci’s micro fulfillment centers to last-mile delivery partners gain access to status events including the first parcel scan as well as injection time giving them better control of their overall supply chain. Davinci customers also gain better insight into where their inventory is within Davinci’s network. 

“If you aren’t familiar with our vision at WARP, it’s to realize a fully-optimized, end-to-end commerce ecosystem that enables brands to exceed customer expectations,” said Troy Lester, Co-Founder and CRO, WARP. “Our partnership with Davinci Micro Fulfillment enables more shippers to reach their customer’s in an expedited manner that saves on cost for every stakeholder in the supply chain from the producer to the end-consumer. We’re excited to see what more we can do together!” 

Davinci currently has hyper-local, micro fulfillment centers in Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Jacksonville, FL; and Central New Jersey, with plans to launch a new location in Denver, CO in November. Previous to partnering with WARP, Davinci was able to offer same-, one-, and two-day shipping within a 90-mile radius and can now offer one- and two-day shipping within a 600-mile radius. 

About WARP

WARP is a modern freight network bringing peace of mind to shippers founded by entrepreneurs Daniel Sokolovsky and Troy Lester. With its heterogeneous fleet of 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans, WARP offers customers the right vehicle for every load based on their speed, price, and service preferences. By pairing proprietary tech with a broad network of carriers and cross-docks, WARP automatically optimizes middle-mile routes through a single integrated platform, giving shippers unparalleled visibility of their loads. Whether it's a direct store delivery, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, or linehaul injection into last mile carriers, WARP customers receive real-time tracking and status updates along with dedicated support every step of the way.

About Davinci Micro Fulfillment®

Davinci Micro Fulfillment® provides an end-to-end solution for our partners to utilize our physical location network, strategically placed in hyper-local areas. Brands and retailers can utilize forward deployed inventory to fulfill online orders to minimize lead-time and cost. Using proprietary technology, we can optimize all aspects of the eCommerce ecosystem including Front-End Merchandising, Network Optimization, and Order Fulfillment services provided from our micro-fulfillment centers.

Jeff Lerner

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