WARP's Most Popular LTL Lanes of June 2024 and Legacy LTL Carriers vs WARP LTL

Here are WARP's Most Popular LTL Lanes of June 2024 and common issues using legacy LTL carriers vs WARP’s LTL.

Delayed Freight

❌ Legacy LTL: LTL carriers prioritize consolidation over customer experience due to terminal and truck costs. This lack of transparency results in inconsistent deliveries, which disrupts order fulfillment and labor planning. LTL carriers also do not care about missing pickups if your product is minutes late or there's any miscommunication on the dock - they just leave, causing further delays and dock congestion.

✅ WARP's Solution: What sets us apart is our approach: we don't own the assets, enabling us to prioritize customer satisfaction over covering fixed overhead costs. Instead, we leverage third-party providers to enhance flexibility and responsiveness when serving our customers. This flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to specific needs, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for all involved. Our dynamic line haul optimization system revolutionizes efficiency in freight transport. We minimize delays and guarantee consistent arrival times by constantly re-optimizing routes and schedules.

Damaged Freight

❌ Legacy LTL: Damages may occur due to inadequate handling during loading, consolidation, and unloading. Insufficient packaging protection against rough handling and limited visibility throughout the shipment process are factors. Poor communication between carriers and shippers regarding handling requirements increases the risk. Additionally, congested terminals and overcrowded trailers can lead to products being stacked or squeezed, increasing the risk of damage during transit.

✅ WARP's Solution: To minimize damage, we avoid stacking freight to protect delicate items and prevent excessive pressure on them. Our careful loading and unloading procedures and durable and strong packaging protect items from rough handling. We provide clear communication channels between carriers and shippers to ensure proper handling requirements are met, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the safe arrival of products at their destination.

Lost Freight

❌ Legacy LTL: Typical LTL tracking lacks real-time status updates for a shipment's first and last mile legs. This is due to limited visibility and scan events throughout delivery and terminal networks. Inadequate tracking can lead to lost products. Poor communication between shippers and carriers about shipment details and handling instructions increases the risk of missing items.

✅ WARP’s Solution: We offer end-to-end live tracking, providing real-time status updates and ETAs to minimize the risk of lost freight. We have communication channels to ensure seamless interaction between customers and our software platform. This commitment to transparent and accessible communication enables us to address any issues promptly and efficiently, further enhancing the reliability of our tracking system.

Chat with us here to leave the frustrations of legacy LTL carriers behind: https://www.wearewarp.com/contact-us


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