WARP and Beverage Brand Partnership Case Study

The Challenge Facing Beverage Brands

WARP worked with a beverage brand that provided the sober curious with craft-brewed, hop-forward, non-alcoholic teas and waters without sugars, additives, or any fermentation. Their goal was to create the same ritual, familiarity, and camaraderie of drinking a great IPA but without the buzz. 

Before partnering with WARP, the craft-brewed tea provider was bringing in raw materials by way of their supplier, who took care of booking the freight, but with a heavy markup. They were also shipping their finished outbound products nationally via shared truckload, using extra space in reefer trucks booked by a nearby yogurt company who had products headed to similar destinations. They were paying a premium for reefer service, even when their product didn’t need to be refrigerated, for the convenience of leveraging another brand's logistics strategy, which also ended up reducing visibility on their end. 

WARP’s Value-Add

  • Real-time location updates to the movement of goods throughout the shipment’s entire journey
  • Beyond LTL –  Advanced routing technology and multiple vehicle sizes for dynamic right-sizing capacity
  • Insights into challenges that might complicate the movement of freight, including weather, economic trends, changing regulations, fuel costs, and other potential issues 

The WARP Difference

When WARP showed the brand how much money they could be saving by booking their freight using WARP’s network, in addition to the high level of visibility they’d receive through the platform, making the switch to WARP was a no-brainer for the team. Like any fast-moving consumer product, they needed to be able to react in real-time and loved that WARP was able to offer more than just traditional LTL. Utilizing their advanced routing technology and multiple vehicle sizes for dynamic right-sizing capacity, WARP provided them the flexibility to meet fluctuating demand.

Few Words From...

“After switching to WARP, our team ended up saving $14,000 a month in transportation costs,” said their Chief Operations Officer. “We also received the visibility and insights we needed to meet the challenges of shipping to grocery distributors.”

Troy Lester
Co-Founder and CRO

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