Legacy LTL Carrier Yelp Reviews And How WARP Provide A Reliable LTL Service 3

“Only 1 star because -1 star is not an option”

Here are new legacy LTL carrier Yelp review highlights!

❌ Damage to Freight: Goods arriving damaged and insurance not covering used materials.

"The company that I ordered paddleboards from used a legacy LTL carrier. When the items were delivered, the packaging looked fine, but one had two large gashes from forklift prongs. The packaging had been repaired to cover up the damage before delivery. Their incompetence cost me $300 in return shipping, and they denied the claim."

❌ Poor Customer Service and Claims Handling: Unresponsive support and denied claims.

"We had several battery deliveries arrive short via a legacy LTL carrier. Claims were submitted and denied. Calls to the claims office automatically disconnect. We have informed our suppliers not to ship via this carrier."

At WARP, we believe our customers and freight deserve better. Freight has feelings too!

Here’s how we avoid these problems and provide a reliable LTL service:

✅ On-Time Deliveries: What sets us apart is our approach: we don't own the assets, enabling us to prioritize customers over covering fixed overhead costs. We leverage third-party providers with multiple vehicle sizes to enhance flexibility for our customers. We minimize delays and guarantee consistent arrival times by constantly re-optimizing routes and schedules.

✅ Damage-Free Shipments: To minimize damage, we partner with smaller third-party cross-docks that are less congested to provide more attention to our pallets. We never stack freight to protect delicate items and prevent excessive pressure on them. We have careful loading and unloading procedures with strong packaging to reduce the risk of damage. We provide communication channels between carriers and shippers to ensure proper handling requirements are met, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring safe arrival at their destination.

✅ Reliable Tracking: We offer end-to-end live tracking, providing real-time status updates and ETAs to minimize the risk of lost freight. Our Cross-Dock App provides real-time updates on pallets at WARP facilities, integrated with our warehouse management and route optimization systems for efficient freight management. Our local pick-up and delivery tracking system, powered by our driver app, offers real-time updates, enhancing communication and planning. For long hauls, we aggregate data from ELDs through API integration, providing insights into vehicle and driver performance, and ensuring timely deliveries and safety compliance. This streamlines the entire shipping process, minimizing delays and optimizing routing. Plus, you can share our public order tracking link with your team or customers so they can see their shipments in real-time.

✅ Exceptional Customer Service: We’ve got deep experience in logistics with dedicated support representatives available 24/7.

Chat with us here to leave the frustrations of legacy LTL carriers behind: https://www.wearewarp.com/contact-us


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