Store Replenishments

What are store replenishments

Direct Store Delivery involves shipping pallets and parcels to a retail store from a Manufacturer or a Brand fulfillment center.

Today’s Challenge:
Expensive and Inconsistent Service

Either you are shipping with a parcel provider or a legacy LTL carrier. Either way, you are probably overpaying and underdelivering.

Legacy parcel carriers continue with expensive, inconsistent and surcharge laden service. Reefers need to keep running, backhauls get missed, and drivers reach their time caps on the road.

The other legacy option? Contract an LTL carrier who will consolidate your volume with the volume of additional shippers. While this may be cheaper, it is not optimized for the modern e-commerce era. Even for shipments once deemed “not time-critical,” consumer expectations have changed that definition permanently. Plus, appointment setting can be a massive pain in the you-know-what.

Start shipping with WARP.

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Store replenishments with WARP:

By leveraging a WARP's multiple vehicle options and dynamic route optimization, more delivery options are available than ever before.

The Options:

WARP picks up volume from one Shipper and delivers it to many retailers

One vehicle holds the consolidated volume that the shipper would normally hand off to LTL providers or multiple vehicles.
A shared truck picks up from multiple Shippers, and delivers multi-model via cargo vans and box trucks to retailers.
Shared truck picks up from multiple shippers, comes to a WARP cross-dock, and delivers out to retailers directly from the WARP Station.

More Benefits of
Direct Store Delivery

Faster or more consolidated shipments to stores
Less parcel carrier touches (aka less chance of loss or damage)
Full visibility from driver to cross-dock throughout lifecycle of shipment

Refrigerated Goods?
No Problem!

With temperature controlled zone skipping, WARP maintains your goods at a fixed temperature for longer. Rather than our ambient cross-docks, WARP also offers temp-controlled cross-docks as well. That means less dry ice / gel packs, less chance of waste, and great cost savings!

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