Last Mile Carrier Injections

What are Last Mile Carrier Injections?

The WARP service that picks up pallets/floor-loaded volume from your fulfillment centers and delivers it to a mix of last mile carrier sortation (such as FedEx, UPS, etc.) centers through a series of multi-drops.

Today’s Challenge:
The Shipping Zones

A shipping zone is a geographical region to which carriers deliver. It's defined by a grouping of zip codes and measured from where the package is shipped from to its destination. Zones are set directly by the carrier and often change without much notice.

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How Does WARP Skip Zones?

By leveraging a WARP co-loading and WARP cross-docks along the route of a pallet or box of multiple parcel shipments, WARP can bypass the expanded zone map and inject parcels into the last-mile delivery partner in closer proximity to the final destination.

The Result

Time saving for shippers
Cost saving for shippers
More satisfied customers

The Impact of Zone Skipping

A WARP customer that is skipping FedEx zones through cross-docks and consolidation.

FedEx Only

Avg. parcel weight: 20 lbs Total parcels: 2,000
Blended Zone 6-7 cost
2,000* $23.47
= $46,950
Line-haul Cost
= $0
Total Spend
= $46,950

Zone Skip with WARP

Avg. parcel weight: 20 lbs Total parcels: 2,000
Blended Zone 2-3 cost
2,000* $13.91
= $27,820
Line-haul Cost
Total Spend

More Benefits of
Zone Skipping

Faster delivery to customers
Less parcel carrier touches (aka less chance of loss or damage)
Full visibility from driver to cross-dock throughout lifecycle of shipment

Refrigerated Goods?
No Problem!

With temperature controlled zone skipping, WARP maintains your goods at a fixed temperature for longer. Rather than our ambient cross-docks, WARP also offers temp-controlled cross-docks as well. That means less dry ice / gel packs, less chance of waste, and great cost savings!

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