April 11, 2023

Where is WARP’s Sweet Spot?

At WARP we’ve got tech, experience, and freight smarts, but where exactly is our sweet spot? 

When e-commerce sales exploded in 2020, parcel delivery direct to consumer’s homes’ replaced store commerce almost entirely at first and shipments became more fragmented. As a result, LTL began to grow in tandem with the need for middle mile optimization. But as speed expectations went up, so did the need for accuracy. Timing became critical at every point in the supply chain. Where LTL solutions were once successful, now meeting critical injection/delivery times at something like a last mile carrier’s sortation centers by 1-2 hours could determine if a customer would get their package a full day later. 

It became painstakingly obvious that there was a dire need to connect the supply chain from start to finish. AT WARP, we believe that all freight can and should be optimized and more goods should be transported with a wider array of vehicle types. If you look up synonyms for optimize you’ll find words like advance, enhance, revamp, and reform. We do all that and more. 

Our sweet spot is when we can route and consolidate freight together digitally via shared truckloads and/or physically via our Warp Station cross docks.

Optimization takes our personal feelings out of the supply chain and creates shipping answers based on algorithms. This might mean reallocating inventory between two nearby retail stores, moving freight from a cross-dock to a store, or using a last-mile delivery network instead of LTL. If other answers produce better results, that should be part of the equation, depending completely on the shipper’s specific situation. What might seem unconventional doesn’t matter if it works to deliver most optimally in terms of money, time, and performance metrics. 

We’ve built a network of carriers and cross-docks with a heterogeneous fleet of 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans so we can offer our customers an end-to-end supply chain solution that shifts dynamically with their volume and price/speed preferences. Optimization doesn’t stipulate that certain strategies must be part of the solution but makes the best decision mathematically based on rates and service. 

At WARP we’re optimizing freight both physically and digitally. We’re helping our customers connect their supply chain by consolidating purchase orders, routing freight together, running consolidated trucks and with our WARP Stations cross-docks. With our DirecTrack technology customers have real-time access to where their freight is at all times without having to make any phone calls or send any emails. 

So if you ask us to dive deeper on our sweet spot, it's the medium to large-sized shippers that have complex freight networks. Shippers of this size like our capability to determine if their freight can be routed to shared truckloads or cross docks for consolidation based on their time in transit and price preferences. It’s what makes sharing data with us worth the effort. For some of our other customers, they love us for the ability to track not just the location, but the current temperature of any refrigerated or frozen freight. It’s ultimately providing peace of mind for your freight – that WARP will not only provide great service but also we’ll get you the most optimal path for your freight based on your time in transit and price needs, for every single load. 

Jeff Lerner

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