How WARP Optimizes Freight For A Big Box Retailer

Are we your supply chain soulmate?

Here’s how we became the perfect match for a big box apparel retailer.

Our client has struggled in the past with cost management and shipment handling to their distribution centers.

Before, suppliers would send all their POs directly to the retailer’s DCs using legacy LTL carriers which led to consistent delays, damages, and inventory balancing issues to meet demand.

Now, with WARP, service levels and costs are consistent and predictable with added flexibility. 


How we did it? 

Instead of having the suppliers send all of their POs directly to the DCs via individual LTL carriers, we have our local box truck/cargo van/53 ft drivers make local milk run pickups from each supplier’s warehouse to then be consolidated at WARP cross-dock. 

From here, we send out weekly, consolidated volume to the retailer’s DCs. The DCs themselves love this since they accept palletized shipments and don’t have to deal with hundreds of loose cartons and multiple trucks taking up multiple dock spaces at unpredictable times.


Freight. Optimized. ✅

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